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Criminal Justice Reform .

Mike Denton is the only proven criminal justice reformer in the County Judge’s race. The only one.

Mike believes that people often commit minor crimes because they have not dealt with a deeper problem: alcohol abuse, drug abuse, PTSD, mental health issues, and more.

Denton says we should deal their with real problem, not the symptoms. That’s what he did as the Domestic Violence Judge. That’s what he’ll do again as County Attorney. Importantly, Denton’s approach will help reduce mass incarceration in Travis County. Often, a misdemeanor offense is a young person’s first step into criminal justice and down a long, hard road to prison.

The County Attorney handles misdemeanor cases, and Denton will use his position to get them back on the right road. Instead of handing out harsh penalties, he will create a menu of counseling programs tailored to their  When offenders complete the program, they will be able to move forward without the burden of a conviction on his record. 

And you know he’ll do it because he has done it before

“Mere punishment is not the answer. It can actually make things worse. I’ll reform how we prosecute misdemeanors so these young people can reform their lives.”

Mike Denton

Democrat for Travis County Attorney

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