Defend Travis County

The Governor and the Legislature enjoy punishing Travis County because of our progressive values. They won’t find it fun if Mike Denton becomes County Attorney.

Denton will fight back. He’ll sue the Governor when he penalizes our county for not going along with Donald Trump’s brutal treatment of immigrants.  He’ll fight the Legislature’s attempts to dictate how we handle our county budget.

Further, Mike will aggressively defend a woman’s right to choose, just like he did against Operation Rescue when he was an Assistant County Attorney. Plus, people of color and the LGBTQ community can rely on Mike to fight discrimination – any kind, any time, and anywhere.

“I was told Gregg Abbott used to joke about getting up every morning and suing the federal government. I have a message for him, and it’s no joke. If you punish Travis County again for not submitting to Donald Trump, I’ll get up the next morning and sue you.”

Mike Denton for Democrat for Travis County Attorney, Democrat

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