“I’ll fight for criminal justice reform, prosecute
polluters, and defend our values.”

Mike Denton for Travis County Attorney, Democrat Tweet
“Serving as Travis County Attorney offers me an opportunity to uphold the values we share in Travis County.
Those values—justice, equality, compassion, courage, and creativity—are the foundation of our progressive government.”

Mike Denton
Democrat for Travis County Attorney

What does the Travis County Attorney do?

The Travis County Attorney handles misdemeanor crimes such as DWI’s, represents the county government in court,
and provides legal advice to the Commissioners Court.

It takes an experienced attorney to wear all those hats.
Mike Denton Can.
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Judge Denton has helped thousands of women escape a life of fear and brutality. Sometimes, he even saved their lives….. He didn’t do it because times had changed, and it was the politically-correct thing to do. Mike Denton was one of the brave leaders who actually changed the times.

Margaret Gómez

Travis County Commissioner, Precinct 4

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